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GR-10 Water Resistance Rowing Machine
GR-10 Water Resistance Rowing Machine
GR-10 Water Resistance Rowing Machine
GR-10 Water Resistance Rowing Machine
GR-10 Water Resistance Rowing Machine
GR-10 Water Resistance Rowing Machine
GR-10 Water Resistance Rowing Machine
GR-10 Water Resistance Rowing Machine


GR-10 Water Resistance Rowing Machine

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Item Description

Emulate the natural feel of rowing through water with the LSG GR-10 Water Resistance Rowing Machine. The GR-10’s water chamber provides a smooth and progressive resistance system that offers resistance based on effort levels, providing an excellent workout for all fitness levels. Keep in touch with your workout with a detailed angle adjustable LCD workout display. Can be stored upright to suit any workout space.

    Hack squat
    Hack squat
    Resistance Resistance

    Natural Water Resistance

    Experience a smooth, natural & progressive resistance system with LSG GR-10 water resistance
    rower. GR-10’s water chamber provides the closest experience and feel to on-water rowing for an excellent
    workout or training session. Our system allows for zero delay in resistance, you'll feel a smooth and consistent
    row right from the first stroke. No jerking or jarring to ruin your rhythm or make your workout unpleasant.

    All Levels All Levels

    For All Fitness Levels

    Whether you're a beginner or athlete, the GR-10 offers exponential resistance to suit any
    fitness level. Similar to on-water rowing, resistance is determined by the amount of effort
    placed in each row. Row harder and you'll go faster, row easier and you'll go slower.

    Workout Data Workout Data

    Workout Data at a Glance

    Keep in touch with your workout data with the GR-10’s easy to read, angle
    adjustable LCD display. You’ll be able to monitor your stats, such as Time,
    Count (Rows), Calories estimated, Total Count (Rows) and Distance.

    Vs Market Vs Market

    LSG Rowing Machine vs. Market

    Having a strong rowing cord is extremely important in a rower, as this component
    experiences most of the tension and stress during a hard, intensive workout.
    LSG Rowing Machine come equipped with strong, rowing cords for extra durability.


    Strap in Footrest

    The Large Foot pedals have a bottom heel
    cup and velcro straps to secure your feet in.

    Upright Position

    Store in an Upright Position

    Save space by storing your rower
    in an upright position.

    Other Features Other Features
  • Technical Specifications
    Tension Water/Fluid Chamber Rower
    Natural Water Dynamic Resistance
    Computer LCD Display
    Shows time, count, calories, total count (rows), distance
    Flywheel -
    Pedals Large foot plates with Velcro Straps to secure footing during exercise
    Rowing Cord Polypropylene Fibre and Latex
    Features Commercial quality rollers
    Smooth 4-roller system
    Stored Upright
    Assembly Required This product comes partially assembled in a box with assembly instructions included
    Frame Tubular Steel
    Occupancy size 214cm x 52cm x 105cm (L x W x H)
    Stored upright:70cm x 52cm x 213.5cm (L x W x H)
    Maximum user weight 160kg
    Maximum user height 190cm
    Packaging Size 130cm x 45cm x 53cm (L x W x H) - 39kg

    Warranty Information

    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
    • 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
    *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here

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