LSG SSN-100 Gym Station
LSG SSN-100 Gym Station
LSG SSN-100 Gym Station
LSG SSN-100 Gym Station
LSG SSN-100 Gym Station
LSG SSN-100 Gym Station
LSG SSN-100 Gym Station
LSG SSN-100 Gym Station
LSG SSN-100 Gym Station
LSG SSN-100 Gym Station


LSG SSN-100 Gym Station

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      All-in-One All-in-One


      The SSN100 All-In-One Single Station Pulley Machine is incredibly versatile and completes any
      home, garage or studio gym. Offering all the essentials, the SSN100 gives you the freedom to
      customise your workout to align with your fitness goals. You stay in control. Tackle a full-
      body workout or target key muscle groups with upper body and lower body CXPR-ARK06-Bexercises.

      • 1. Lat Pulldown Bar
      • 2. Chest Press / Flys
      • 3. Preacher Pad
      • 4. Weight plates 68kg
      • 5. Leg Extension
      • 6. Bicep Curl Cable
      Built to Last Built to Last

      Stable & Built to Last

      Engineered with 1.5mm thick steel tubing with a massive max capacity of 200kg, the SSN100 has
      the strength and stability required to support and endure the most strenuous home workouts

      frame quality

      Customised training

      Customise your strength and resistance training by choosing up to a maximum of 68kg in weight plates. If you're new to the strength and resistance journey, start off light and work your way up.


      Ergonomic Design

      We know that keeping your workout space free from obstruction is crucial. That’s why the SSN100 is specifically designed to fit neatly into a home, garage, or studio—leaving you to workout without interruption.

      frame quality

      Heavy Duty Cables

      Reliable, high quality and high tensile Cables allow you to lift the big weights with confidence.


      Comfortable & Durable

      Break a sweat on the SSN100 with various features including the thick padded cushioning which has been engineered with breathability and sweat-resistant material.

    • Technical Specifications
    • Features

      • Target over 30 exercises for a full body workout
      • Attachments Lat Pulldown Bar & Straight Bar included
      • Height Adjustable Preacher Pad
      • Deluxe Padding & Stitching
      • 68kg Weight Stack, Pin Loaded
      • High Strength Cables
      • Flexible Weight Shields

      Dimensions and Weight

      Occupancy Size 173cm x 106cm x 207cm (L x W x H)
      Packaging Size Carton 1: 184cm x 46cm x 25cm (L x W x H)
      Carton 2: 38cm x 18.5cm x 21.5cm (L x W x H)
      Carton 3: 38cm x 18.5cm x 26.5cm (L x W x H)
      Gross Weight 156.4kg

      Structure & Technical

      - High Strength Cables
      - 60mm Diameter 16-Gauge Steel Tubing (Main Tube)

      Warranty Information

      This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
      - 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
      *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here

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