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Own your very own spin bike and have your own indoor spin cycling class in the comfort of your home gym. Our range of spin bikes come with adjustable seats and footrests, quiet belt drivetrains and reliable chain drivetrains.

Our range of spin bikes also track RPM, cadence, distance, calories and more. With superior performance, our spin bikes are long-lasting and durable and great for performance. Pair one of our spin bikes with additional accessories such as a phone holder or a fitness mat to prevent scratching of hard wood or tile floors.

Complete your home gym with one of our cheap treadmills or cheap cross trainers and rowers.

Spin Bikes

SPG-220 Spin Bike

RRP $529
Save 57% Off RRP
50 In Stock

SPG-220 Spin Bike BONUS Phone Holder

RRP $549
Save 58% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Lifespan Fitness 1.5m Equipment Mat

RRP $79.99
Save 25% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Lifespan Fitness Comfort Sport Spin Bike Saddle (Fits 25.4mm)

RRP $49.99
Save 30% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Lifespan Fitness 2-in-1 Spin Bike Pedals (SPD Compatible)

RRP $89.99
Save 22% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Exercise Bike Phone Holder

RRP $19.95
Save 25% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Lifespan Fitness Spin Bike Cover

RRP $69.95
Save 29% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Spin Bikes FAQ

  • What is a spin bike?

    Spin bikes are stationary indoor bikes with pedals connected to a weighted flywheel. The motion and riding positioning of a spin bike is similar to riding an on-road bike, both have handlebars, a saddle, pedals and a wheel. Like exercise bikes, spin bikes are a popular piece of cardio equipment that works to target your thighs, glutes and calves. Most people choose a spin bike for its numerous fitness benefits including weight loss, cardiovascular health and muscle growth. Spin bikes are a great piece of home gym equipment, the compact size eliminates most space constrictions with transport wheels allowing you to move the equipment from room to room.

    Performance, durability and features are what most shoppers look for in a treadmill. An incline treadmill with high-speed limits will be essential for users looking to complete hill climbs, runs and HIIT workouts. A solid frame and large motor will work best to keep up with you during rigorous and frequent use, ultimately lasting you for years. Finally, treadmill features, especially tech features, will rank high on most people's check list. Previously, advanced tech components were only available on high end treadmills. However, cheaper treadmills now have features including Bluetooth connectivity, pre-set programs, app compatibility and detailed workout read outs. For homes with limited space, a folding treadmill is a great compact option that can be stored under the bed or sofa.

    Cheap spin bikes for sale can be found on the LSG website.

  • Do LSG Fitness’ spin bikes have resistance?

    All LSG spin bikes are fitted with magnetic resistance or friction resistance to allow riders to adjust the intensity of their ride. Friction resistance offers unlimited resistance, making it a great option for completing hill climbs and instant resistance changes. Magnetic resistance will offer a silent and seamless cycle, unlike friction, magnetic has limited resistance. Resistance can be manually adjusted via the resistance dial on the spin bike frame, making it quick and easy to finetune the tension during interval training or spin classes.

  • Are LSG Fitness spin bikes an alternative to Peloton bikes?

    LSG offer cheap spin bikes that are a great Australian Owned alternative to Peloton bikes. LSG spin bikes are placed at a more affordable price point that will provide riders with the ability to reap all the fitness benefits consistent amongst all spin bike models.

  • How do I adjust my spin bike?

    Our spin bikes have 4-way seat adjustability to allow users of every size and height to get the most comfort out of their ride. The saddle height and distance can be adjusted on all LSG spin bikes via the pin lock. Handlebar height adjustments are also an option, for proper riding ergonomics position your handlebar at roughly the same height as your seat.

  • Why buy an LSG Fitness spin bike?

    LSG Fitness offers Australians reliable spin bikes without the hefty price tag. This is because we believe everyone should be able to experience the luxury of working out at home. At LSG we don’t compromise on good quality, all our spin bikes are made using durable materials with advanced features that shouldn’t be exclusive to expensive spin bike models.