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Strength Training Equipment - Shop LSG Strength Training Equipment

At LSG Fitness, we have a wide range of cheap strength and conditioning equipment to help you take your workout to the next level.

We have a range of cheap dumbbells and weights to get your strength training in to build muscle and strength. We also have cheap power racks and exercise benches to form the foundations of your home gym. Pair your strength and conditioning equipment with one of our cheap home gym stations to get the complete full body workout.

And if that's not enough, add a cheap treadmill or cheap exercise bike to your home gym to get a range of workouts in. We also ship Australia-wide and are available on OpenPay and ZipPay. Choose the right home gym equipment for you.

SSN-105 Gym Station

RRP $1,099
Save 36% Off RRP
11 In Stock

GRK-100 6-in-1 Multifunction Home Gym/Power Rack with Cable Crossover

RRP $1,499
Save 43% Off RRP
38 In Stock

GBN-006 14-Level FID Exercise Bench

RRP $399
Save 40% Off RRP
50 In Stock

GBN-006 14-Level FID Exercise Bench + Dumbbell & Curl Bar 84kg Weight Package

RRP $818
Save 51% Off RRP
50 In Stock

GBH-300 Power Rack

RRP $779
Save 62% Off RRP
50 In Stock

LSG GBN-007 6 Level FID Bench with Preacher Pad

RRP $259
Save 58% Off RRP
34 In Stock

GBN-007 6 Level FID Bench & Preacher Pad + 85kg Weight & Bar Package

RRP $699
Save 54% Off RRP
34 In Stock

GBN-100 6-in-1 Multi-function Bench Press

RRP $488
Save 49% Off RRP
26 In Stock

GBN-100 6-in-1 Multi-function Bench Press with 90kg Weight and Bars Package

RRP $989
Save 50% Off RRP
26 In Stock

Strength Training Equipment FAQ

  • What is weight training?

    Weight training incorporates weights into your strength workout for added resistance. People who undertake weight training can expect to see results including muscle growth and increased strength. Weight training can be performed with free weights or multi-station machines. Cheap dumbbells and cheap weight plates will integrate well within most strength training routines, for beginners start light and upgrade as you progress. At LSG, we provide a big range of cheap weights that can be used in a variety of weight-based exercises.

  • Does weight training burn fat?

    Although a strength-oriented workout doesn’t typically burn as many calories as a spin bike or treadmill, building muscle will prolong the burn from a weighted workout resulting in more fat burned. Lifting weights is suggested to increase your lean body mass and therefore heightening your metabolic rate to help burn stubborn fat. Understandably some people want to know how to incorporate weights into their current routine and may wonder, how to fit cardio into weight training? Faster paced resistance weighted training, such as pump classes are one of the most effective ways burn fat as well as calories.

  • How many times should I weight train per week?

    The 1: 3 rule is a popular one and can work for most people. This involves training 1 hour, 3 times a week to effectively shed fat without burning out from over training. However, your fitness level will be a large indication of how often you should weight train a week. Beginners or those who also complete other physical exercise may want to keep weight training to a minimal. Whereas, athletes and experienced weight trainers may be more accustomed to regular strength training. However, it is important for everyone to have rest days and know their limits.

  • What cheap weight training equipment do I need?

    A LSG we have a great selection of weight training equipment that suits every fitness level including, cheap dumbbells, cheap barbells, cheap kettlebells, cheap weight plates and more. The main advantage of free weights is you have the flexibility to choose a weight right for you. Accessories including a cheap power rack will help you complete a bigger range of exercises with your weights and bars.