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Treadmills - Shop LSG Treadmills

If you're looking for a home treadmill that doesn't break the bank and helps you achieve your fitness goals. We offer a range of high-quality, cheap treadmills with various features such as variable speeds, auto-incline, CHP motors, speakers, LCD displays, USB ports and more - all tailored to your workout style.

LSG’s range of affordable, high-quality treadmills offers a tailored experience that allows you to achieve your fitness goals. With an LSG treadmill, you can achieve your fitness goals with efficiency and comfort, all from your own home. LSG’s range ensures that you’ll be able to find a treadmill for sale that suits your needs, including Walking Pads, Smart Treadmills and different sizes. So if you’re looking to buy treadmills online, LSG is that place for a quality, affordable experience. Pair your treadmill with one of our affordable cross-trainers or exercise bikes to complete the home gym set.

At LSG Fitness, we are top providers of cheap treadmills in Australia and ship across all states and territories. We also offer ZipPay making it easier to buy a treadmill to complete your home gym.

PACER M5 Walking Pad Under Desk Fold Down Treadmill

RRP $839
Save 52% Off RRP
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Nimbus Walking Pad 2 in 1 Treadmill

RRP $679
Save 37% Off RRP
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CHASER 2 Treadmill

RRP $959
Save 49% Off RRP
50 In Stock

CHASER 3 Treadmill

RRP $909
Save 40% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Focus M3 Treadmill

RRP $1,199
Save 38% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Stride M3 Treadmill

RRP $1,299
Save 38% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Vulcan M2 Treadmill

RRP $1,599
Save 41% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Nimbus Walking Pad Treadmill + ErgoDesk Automatic Standing Desk 1500mm (Oak)

RRP $1,599
Save 41% Off RRP
38 In Stock

Nimbus Walking Pad Treadmill + ErgoDesk Automatic Standing Desk 1800mm (Oak)

RRP $1,599
Save 38% Off RRP
38 In Stock

Cheap treadmills

So how much are treadmills? You can find treadmills at just about any price point, with commercial machines exceeding well over the thousands. However, if you’re looking to buy cheap treadmills online, LSG is a brand that offers treadmills that are far more affordable for a high-quality treadmill. Most treadmills will be under $1000, with some going below $500, meaning you’re bound to find one at your price point. LSG also runs regular treadmill sales, so you can get a discount on your favourite product if you get in at the right time! 

We also offer OpenPay & ZipPay making it easier to buy a treadmill to complete your home gym.   

Where to buy treadmills?

Whether you’re looking for treadmills for sale Sydney, treadmills for sale Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia, LSG has you covered. We offer Australia-wide delivery on all items, so you can buy treadmills from just about anywhere. Refer the FAQs below for more information on shipping and delivery.

Who are treadmills for?

One of the reasons for the continuous popularity of treadmills is the diversity of benefits they provide, and their usefulness for a variety of users. Treadmills are for just about anyone looking to improve their cardiovascular endurance, being one of the main benefits they provide. They’re also great for those who are trying to lose weight, with regular use being highly effective at burning fat. They also benefit people who struggle to fit exercise into their schedule, with our range of desk treadmills, such as Walking Pads, bringing added convenience to treadmills. These are designed to fit seamlessly into your work space and are optimised for ease of use.

Maintaining your treadmill

Proper maintenance of your treadmill is the best thing you can do to extend its life, and ensure that it’s always operating at its best. But don’t fear! Treadmill maintenance is quite straightforward, and just about anyone can figure it out. A big thing will be regularly lubricating the running belt. If you’re wondering how to lubricate a treadmill, it’s simply a matter of lifting the running belt, and applying a lubricant oil or spray. You can check out our accessories page for lubricant spray and more.

Treadmills FAQ

  • I can buy treadmills online?

    LSG gives you access to wide range of treadmill options that can be ordered online and shipped to your door. This allows you to purchase your equipment from the comfort of your home, while ensuring you’re getting the right treadmill for you. Refer to below FAQs for more information.

  • Where do you ship your treadmills?

    LSG offers Australia wide shipping, with shipping times differing depending on location. Click here for a run-down of shipping information and conditions.  

  • How long does it take to ship my treadmill?

    Shipping out of our warehouse in VIC, delivery times will differ depending on where in Australia you are. There are also options for express delivery services, or standard treadmill free shipping. Here is the breakdown of delivery times:   

    Estimated Delivery Times 
    Victoria 3-6 Working days 
    New South Wales 4-7 Working days 
    Australian Capital Territory 4-7 Working days 
    Queensland 4-8 Working days 
    South Australia 3-7 Working days 
    Tasmania 5-10 Working days 
    Northern Territory 7-14 Working days 
    Western Australia 5-12 Working days

  • What kind of warranty do you give on your treadmills?

    Warranty will depend on the product and its usage, but most treadmills will come with a 5-year motor and frame warranty when used in home and domestic environments. If you are experiencing a fault in your machine, send an email to our Technical Support team ( with your Proof of Purchase, general details and a brief description of the problem. You should get a response within 1-2 business days. Check out our warranty page here for more information.

  • What is a good quality cheap treadmill?

    Good quality treadmills at an affordable price point can be hard to come by, however LSG fitness offer a range of cheap treadmills designed to last. When searching for a treadmill to integrate into your home gym it is important to consider the following to ensure your treadmill will help you achieve your fitness goals or keep up with your current routine.

    Performance, durability and features are what most shoppers look for in a treadmill. An incline treadmill with high-speed limits will be essential for users looking to complete hill climbs, runs and HIIT workouts. A solid frame and large motor will work best to keep up with you during rigorous and frequent use, ultimately lasting you for years. Finally, treadmill features, especially tech features, will rank high on most people's check list. Previously, advanced tech components were only available on high end treadmills. However, cheaper treadmills now have features including Bluetooth connectivity, pre-set programs, app compatibility and detailed workout read outs. For homes with limited space, a folding treadmill is a great compact option that can be stored under the bed or sofa.

    Cheap treadmills for sale can be found on the LSG website, with most treadmills under $1000

  • How long do LSG Fitness’ treadmills last?

    With proper care and maintenance, an LSG treadmill can last up to 12 years. Treadmills will require lubrication depending on how frequently you use it, a general rule of thumb is every couple of months if used occasionally or once a month if used almost daily. Belt alignment is also required if your belt shifts to one side, this will avoid the hardware damaging your belt. If you opt for a treadmill with a DC motor the brushes will need to be replaced once they wear out. Keeping up with these maintenance tips will help extend your treadmill's lifetime.

  • Why buy a treadmill from LSG Fitness?

    LSG Fitness offers Australians reliable treadmills without the hefty price tag. This is because we believe everyone should be able to experience the luxury of working out at home. At LSG we don’t compromise on good quality, all our treadmills are made using durable materials with advanced features that shouldn’t be exclusive to expensive treadmill models. With affordable treadmills starting at just $399 we’ve got something to suit every budget

  • Can I use a treadmill every day?

    It is recommended to get 30 minutes of exercise every day. This can be completed on a treadmill. Our treadmills are great for daily use, whether you are after a complete cardio workout or want to add a treadmill into your pre-existing routine. Treadmills are high impact exercises; depending on your fitness level, it may be best to take longer intermissions between use to avoid injury or pain. Regular treadmill exercises are linked to numerous fitness benefits from improved cardiovascular health, weight loss and increased endurance.