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Top 5 Treadmill Workouts for Beginners

by Accounts GFL on May 06, 2022

Ready to take on the treadmill? Let us introduce you to fun, energizing treadmill training with our 5 best treadmill workouts to get you feeling great and itching for your next treadmill fix.  

Treadmills are great beginner friendly cardio machines that can adapt to your fitness level and help form a solid go-to routine. Getting started with an introductory treadmill schedule will help beginners feel more acquainted with the treadmill and begin reaping the benefits of cardio training including increased stamina and improved cardiovascular health. From low intensity walks to walk and run intervals, there are plenty of great beginner treadmill workouts that will get you moving and feeling good on your treadmill. 

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Beginner Treadmill Workouts  


Low-Intensity Steady 30 min Walk 

Before we run, we first must learn how to walk. If it's your first time hopping on a treadmill this 30 minute brisk walking routine will help familiarise you with the functions of a treadmill and get you accustomed with the motion of walking on a running belt. This routine also works great as a warm up or cool down.  

0:00-5:00: Walk at 3km at L2 incline. 

5:00-10:00: Walk at 4km at L4 incline. 

10:00-20:00: Walk at 5km with no incline. 

20:00-25:00: Walk at 4km at L4 incline. 

25:00-27:00: Walk at 3km at L7 incline. 

27:00-30:00: Walk at 3km at no incline. 


1:1 Walk to Jog Intervals 

If you are looking to pick up the pace and slowly introduce jogging into your routine, the 1:1 ratio is a great workout to give a go. The short and quick intervals work to improve your stamina so you can eventually go for those longer duration runs. This routine is simple... 1 minute walking, 1 minute running then repeats as many times as you’d like. For beginners set the pace slow then increase as you go. At a low-speed aim for 20-30 mins, otherwise if you want to challenge yourself set a faster pace and reduce your time to 10 mins. 



20min Hill Climb  

Most treadmills will offer incline, with LSG treadmills going all the way up to level 20. Walking on an incline is a great way to get your heart rate up and involve more muscle groups that are less involved in flat walking like your quadriceps. Since hill climbing is more strenuous, it is important to warm up before gradually increasing your incline. Use this 20 minute hill climb workout as a guide to get you started, over time increase your treadmills incline as you progress.  

0:00 –5:00 Warm up – 4km at 0 incline 

5:00 – 10:00 5km at L7 incline 

10:00 – 15:00 3km at L10 incline 

15:00 – 18:00 3km at L12 incline 

18:00 – 20:00 3km at 0 incline 



30min Walk/Run 

Incorporating walking and jogging intervals into your treadmill routine is incredible for increasing calories burned and improving your stamina. This 30 min workout is a great routine to complete regularly, especially if your goal is weight loss. Adjustments can be made to increase the intensity of this workout. 

0:00-5:00: Walk at 4 km with no incline. 

5:00-10:00: Walk at 5.5km with no incline. 

10:00-12:00: Jog at 7km with no incline. 

12:00-15:00: Walk at 4km at L5 incline. 

15:00-19:00: Jog at 7km with no incline. 

19:00-22:00: Walk at 5km with no incline. 

22:00-25:00: Jog at 8km with no incline. 

25:00-27:00: Walk at 3km at L10 incline. 

27:00-30:00: Walk at 3km with no incline. 



Walking Treadmill Lunges 

Treadmills aren’t just restricted to walking and running. There are plenty of creative ways to switch up your routine to make your workout more enjoyable and exciting. By decreasing your speed, you can safely introduce backwards – forwards and side-to-side movements into your cardio workouts. Lunges are a simple enough movement that can be completed on the treadmill, that will also work wonders in toning your butt and glutes. For intermediate treadmill users try including weights such as dumbbells into your walking treadmill lunges. 


How to do Walking Treadmill Lunges 

Begin walking forward on a low speed, we suggest 2-3km. When ready, take a big step forward and bend both knees at a 90-degree angle, lowering your body while keeping your back straight. Push off from both legs and go directly into another lunge as you bring the trailing leg forward taking the next step. For your safety keep hold of the frame and attach the safety stop key. 



Benefits of a Treadmill Workout 

Comfortable Indoor Environment 

When running outdoors, there is more to consider including weather, time of day and ground you are running on. All these factors can make going for a run less appealing and more difficult. With a treadmill you get the benefit of running on a consistently flat platform in a controlled temperature environment and best of all... privacy.  



Control Speed & Incline 

Unlike running outdoors where you need to push yourself to run faster, a treadmill requires you to up the pace to keep up with the speed you set. A treadmill also enables you to complete hill climbs at the push of a button... no need to search for the closest hill in your neighbourhood. Treadmills also relay workout metrics based on your speed and incline settings so you can track your progress and set goals. Some LSG models allow you to fine tune your workout with custom user programs which change your speed and incline automatically, giving you a more structured workout. 



Fitness Benefits 

One of the biggest appeals of treadmill training is its links to various physical fitness benefits, the main ones being burning calories and losing weight. Completing HIIT training on a treadmill is easy and known to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat. It is also possible to include strength training on a treadmill, increasing the incline will work your leg muscles developing more definition in your quads, glutes and hamstrings.  



Health Benefits 

Many people enjoy treadmill training for the wonderous benefits it has on your heart health. Running or walking on a treadmill is known to elevate your heart rate to a healthy level, improving your cardiovascular health and increasing the circulation of blood in your body. 




Whether you are stepping on the treadmill for the first time or looking to jump back on after some time away, there are plenty of fun and easy treadmill workouts that can be completed by anyone. At the gym or at home, these 5 simple treadmill workouts are sure to boost your confidence on the treadmill and produce some great fitness benefits.