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Cross Trainers & Rowers - Shop LSG Cross Trainers & Rowers

Cross trainers are the perfect addition to any home gym. With our range of cheap cross trainers, you can get that full body workout and work on your lower and upper body strength.

Pair your cross trainers, also known as ellipticals, with our range of affordable treadmills and exercise bikes to complete your home gym. We also have a wide range of cheap rowing machines to help you get your upper body workout in.

Our cross trainers and rowers come with a magnetic flywheel system, allowing you to have a smooth, quiet and consistent workout. Each machine comes with an LCD display helping you measure your time, calories and exercise count as you train.

We ship Australia-wide and are available on ZipPay. Whatever your fitness goals are, LSG Fitness has the range of cheap exercise equipment for you.

CTG-300 Cross Trainer

RRP $429
Save 35% Off RRP
50 In Stock

GR-02 Rowing Machine

RRP $459
Save 44% Off RRP
50 In Stock

GR-03 Magnetic 3kg Flywheel Rowing Machine

RRP $459
Save 46% Off RRP
50 In Stock

ROWER-442 Magnetic Rowing Machine

RRP $579
Save 45% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Lifespan Fitness Cross Trainer Cover

50 In Stock

Lifespan Fitness 1.5m Equipment Mat

RRP $99.99
Save 34% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Cross Trainers & Rowers FAQ

  • What are the best cheap cross trainers and rowers?

    LSG is one of the best places to shop for a cheap elliptical cross trainer. To find a good quality cheap cross trainer, you will need to search for a model that is suitable for your size. For bigger and taller users, a cross trainer with a sturdy frame and big stride length is important to ensure you can take complete steps. If interval training is your focus, then a cross trainer with a high resistance will allow you to intensify your ride, reversable motion is another great feature to have for variable training.

    Cheap cross trainers for sale can be found on the website with most cross trainers under $300

    At LSG, we offer a range of cheap rowing machines with magnetic resistance or water resistance. Magnetic rowers provide a smooth and quiet row, as well as pre-set resistance to maintain consistency. Whereas, a water rower offers a realistic impression of rowing on water, whilst also remaining relatively quiet and smooth. Water rowers are great for all fitness levels as they offer a dynamic rowing resistance, the faster the rows, the more resistance you will feel and vice versa. Some prefer a water rower for its realistic impression of rowing on water, however this resistance system comes with more upkeep and can be more costly. You may wonder, what is the best cheap rowing machine? A high-quality rower will have a sturdy frame and long rail, allowing taller users to extend completely. For building strength, a rower with a high resistance and quality rowing cord will allow you to power through intense workouts.

    Cheap rowing machines for sale can be found on the website with all rowing machines under $500

  • How do you use a cheap cross trainer or rower?

    Using a cross trainer is easy enough for anyone to use, if you are a beginner or have limited fitness capabilities don’t fret, a cross trainer will offer you a great amount of support whilst remaining low impact. Cross trainers require you to drive your foot forward in the footplates one after the other whilst simultaneously pushing the handles back and forth. This mimics a similar motion to walking without the impact of landing on the ground with each step, like a treadmill.

    If you have ever rowed on water, a rowing machine is very similar. Rowing machines use your arms, legs and core to push your seat up and down the rails, whilst simultaneously pulling the handle back and forth. Correct form is very important on a rower, keeping your back straight and shoulder pushed back will allow you to fully activate your muscles and avoid injury.

  • Is a cheap cross trainer or rowing machine good for weight loss?

    Cross trainers and rowers, are both effective machines for burning calories and weight loss. You will typically burn the same amount of calories on a cross trainer or rower as you would on other cardio equipment such as an exercise bike or treadmill. A rower and elliptical offer a full body workout that recruits the muscles in your arms, legs, core and back. Increasing the pace, intensity and resistance will produce quicker weight loss results and a higher number of calories burned each session.

    Another common question is, does cross trainer build muscle? In short, yes. By increasing the resistance, you are forcing your muscles to work harder leading to an increase in muscle mass and overall strength.

  • Does LSG Fitness offer buy now, pay later?

    LSG offers two interest free buy now, pay later options. Open pay and Zip are available for all orders Australia wide. Enjoy your purchase right away and spread the cost over weekly or fortnightly repayments.

    T&Cs apply please check the website for more information.