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Power Racks - Shop LSG Power Racks

Unleash your inner workout beast and take your strength training to the next level with one of our cheap power racks.

Versatile and functional, we've got high quality cheap and affordable power racks to help you build muscle and improve performance. Pair one of our power racks with a cheap treadmill, cheap exercise bike or a cheap cross trainer to get a full body workout in at home.

Available on ZipPay and shipping Australia-wide.

Power Racks FAQ

  • Do I need a cheap power rack in my home gym?

    Power racks, also known as a squat rack, squat cage or power cage, are a great piece of strength equipment to have in the home gym. A power rack will increase the number of potential exercises you can complete in a compact space. Benches, weight plates, barbells and more can all be used with a squat rack, allowing you to tackle a variety of weight training exercises. All quality power racks will have safety bars making it a great home gym option, giving you peace of mind during heavy lifts.

    Cheap power racks for sale can be found on the website.

  • How do I use a cheap power rack?

    If you are new to strength training a power rack can be intimidating to start on and you may have to do some research into how to use a power rack. The power rack's simple design opens it up to a massive range of possible weight training options to target various muscle groups and hit your goals. Features standard to all power racks include adjustable J-Hooks, safety spot bars and a chip up bar. Some cheap power racks from LSG will also include weight storage bars, band pegs and a dip attachment.

  • How to use a power rack for squats?

    Squats are a great exercise for strengthening your glutes and legs, adding weights will really help you feel the burn. Setting your power rack up for squats is simple, first adjust the J-Hooks to shoulder height and place the barbell on the rack before loading the weight plates. Once you’ve loaded your weight plates, position the bar on top of your shoulders and carefully lift the the bar off the hooks. Make sure to perform your squats with the safety spot bars underneath you.

  • How to use a power rack for bench press?

    Bench presses are another popular power rack exercise. To start, position the J-Hooks and bar low enough that you can easily reach and unhook it while lying on the bench. Place the bench in the correct position and ensure the safety bars are not too high or low.

  • Do I need to bolt down my power rack for my home gym?

    LSG Power Racks don’t need to be bolted down, they are designed to be solid enough to use safely free standing. The frame is naturally heavy and stable, giving you the confidence to lift weights safely at home. For added stability, some racks will have storage pegs that allow weight plate storage, allowing more weight to stabilise the rack during use.