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Treadmills for Sale Perth - Shop LSG Treadmills for Sale Perth

LSG Fitness Treadmills in Perth

Perth is a gorgeous seaside metropolis with a vibrant culture and sprawling natural beauty. With an eclectic mix of museums, art galleries and cultural centres on offer in the city, the surroundings are filled with beaches, nature parks and wildlife.

Perth is also notorious for its harsh summers, with temperatures reaching around 40 degrees. While dry, Perth can still see sporadic rainfall, thunderstorms and tropical cyclones. A home treadmill comes in handy while living in Perth as the machine allows you to escape the weather and continue your daily exercise routine. The geography in the city centre and surrounding suburbs in Perth are relatively flat. If you enjoy doing hill climbs, a treadmill with a big range of incline levels will emulate the feeling of climbing uphill.

LSG Fitness offers a massive range of treadmills in Perth, including automatic treadmills, incline treadmills and walking pads. LSG Fitness covers all suburbs in Perth including East Perth, Highgate, Ashfield, Crawley and Rossmoyne.

CHASER 2 Treadmill

RRP $959
Save 49% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Vulcan M2 Treadmill

RRP $1,599
Save 41% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Focus M3 Treadmill

RRP $1,199
Save 38% Off RRP
50 In Stock

CHASER 3 Treadmill

RRP $909
Save 40% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Nimbus Walking Pad 2 in 1 Treadmill

RRP $679
Save 37% Off RRP
38 In Stock

PACER M5 Walking Pad Under Desk Fold Down Treadmill

RRP $839
Save 52% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Treadmill & General Silicone Lubricant Spray

RRP $19.99
Save 18% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Lifespan Fitness 2.0m Equipment Mat

RRP $109
Save 19% Off RRP
50 In Stock

Lifespan Fitness Treadmill Cover

  • In Stock
  • In Stock

Delivery Timeframe

LSG Fitness delivers premium fitness equipment to your doorstep Australia wide. Orders placed in Western Australia aim to be delivered in 5-12 business days.

Delivery & Installation

LSG Fitness offers 3 delivery services; Door to Door (Standard or Express), Room of Choice and Room of Choice + Install.

We offer a reliable door-to-door delivery service for street level/ground floor. However, our couriers will not be able to enter homes, deliver large items upstairs or provide installation or removal services. Items weighing larger than 40kg will require some assistance in unloading.

We offer a separate assembly service, where a specialist provider will put together your machine after the date of the delivery.

For more information visit

Alternatively, search your postcode on the product page for specific details about what's available in your area.


Your treadmill will require regular maintenance and upkeep to keep the machine running at its best performance. Treadmill maintenance is reasonably easy and not too time consuming, and can also be done by anyone. It's important to keep up this regular maintenance so that your machine won't require major repairs down the road.

Firstly, try to keep your machine as clean as you can. Regularly sanitise the treadmill by wiping it down after use, cleaning off dust and removing any other dirt on the machine's surface. LSG also offers machine covers to protect your treadmill from a build of dust when not in use, as well as equipment mats to protect your floors.

It's also recommended to purchase a silicone treadmill lubricant, which you can use to lubricate the running belt. This is an important step for ensuring the best performance of the running platform, and should be done every 1-3 months. If you have a DC motor, the brushes will need to be replaced every 2 years to maintain best performance.

Lubrication, belt alignment and motor brush replacement are the main 3 maintenance steps, however every treadmill will be slightly different. For more comprehensive details on your machine, refer to your product manual.

Picking up your order

Before picking up your treadmill, check the carton measurements against the space in your vehicle, dimensions are available on the website. Treadmills will not fit in most sedans or hatchbacks, and will require an SUV, Van, Wagon or a Large Tray Ute. We do not recommend removing the packaging to save space, as damage can occur to your vehicle or the treadmill itself. For safety reasons, we cannot force products that cannot physically fit in your vehicle.

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