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How a Walking Pad can Revolutionise your Workday

by Accounts GFL on October 03, 2023
LSG Nimbus Walking Pad

In a world where remote work and sedentary lifestyles prevail, this blog is your key to unlocking a healthier and more productive workday. Whether you're a dedicated remote worker or simply seeking a way to break free from the shackles of sitting, join us on a transformative journey to explore how a walking pad can revolutionize your daily routine. Say farewell to the pitfalls of prolonged sitting and welcome a dynamic workday that not only enhances your posture but also supercharges your productivity.

Working from Home and the Sedentary Dilemma

LSG Nimbus Walking Pad

The modern workplace has undergone a profound transformation, with an increasing number of us now working from home. According to the most recent ABS data, nearly half (49.4%) of employed people aged 18-64 years described their day at work as mostly sitting. It's no surprise that the ABS also reports roughly 40% of Australians are working from home, indicating a huge jump in remote work from previous years. While this shift offers flexibility, it has also ushered in a sedentary dilemma of unprecedented proportions. Prolonged sitting, once confined to the office, has seeped into our homes, taking a toll on both our physical health and work efficiency. This paints a compelling picture of the challenges we face and the urgent need for solutions to combat the perils of sitting for extended hours.

What is a Walking Pad?

A walking pad is a revolutionary fitness device designed to seamlessly integrate physical activity into your daily work routine. What sets it apart from traditional treadmills or standing desks is its remarkable combination of compact size, ease of use, and suitability for small home offices. Unlike bulky treadmills, a walking pad offers a sleek, space-saving design that effortlessly fits into your workspace. It's designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to walk at a comfortable pace while you work, promoting an active lifestyle without the need for a dedicated exercise session.

What are the benefits of Walking Pads?

LSG Nimbus Walking Pad

Walking pads offer a comprehensive range of health benefits, making them a valuable addition to your work routine. Here's a detailed look at how using a walking pad during work hours can positively impact your health:

Enhanced Blood Circulation: Walking pads actively stimulate blood circulation throughout your body. As you walk, your muscles engage, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to all your body's cells, including your brain. This improved circulation can leave you feeling more alert, focused, and energized, reducing the midday slump.

Prevention of Muscle Stiffness: Prolonged sitting is known to cause muscle stiffness and discomfort, particularly in the neck, shoulders, and back. A walking pad combats this by encouraging gentle, continuous movement. This continuous motion prevents muscles from becoming stagnant, reducing stiffness and discomfort commonly associated with sedentary work.

Weight Management Support: One of the key benefits of walking pads is their contribution to weight management. Incorporating light physical activity into your workday can help you burn extra calories, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight or achieve your fitness goals. Over time, these additional calorie burns can add up and make a significant difference.

Improved Posture: Sedentary work often leads to poor posture, which can result in back and neck pain. When you use a walking pad, you naturally maintain an upright posture as you walk, which can help reduce the risk of slouching or developing posture-related issues.

Cognitive Benefits: Research has shown that incorporating light physical activity, like walking, into your workday can have a profound impact on your cognitive abilities. Studies indicate that movement can lead to improved focus, creativity, and problem-solving skills. When you engage in light physical activity on a walking pad, you stimulate blood flow not only to your muscles but also to your brain. This increased circulation can boost mental clarity and alertness, helping you tackle tasks with greater efficiency and creativity. For instance, recent studies have found that moderate-intensity walking breaks significantly improved attention and working memory in participants. A Standford study also revealed that walking could enhance creative thinking. By incorporating a walking pad into your work routine, you can tap into these cognitive advantages, elevating both your productivity and your overall well-being.

How Can I Create an Active Work Environment?

LSG Nimbus Walking Pad

Creating an active work environment with a walking pad in your home office is not only feasible but also highly beneficial. Here are some practical tips to help you seamlessly integrate a walking pad into your workspace:

  1. Dedicated Space: Allocate a specific area in your home office for the walking pad. Ensure it has enough room for you to comfortably walk without any obstructions. Consider placing it near your desk for easy access.
  2. Ergonomic Setup: Maintain an ergonomic workspace by adjusting your desk and chair to the appropriate height. Your desk should align with your elbows when your arms are at a 90-degree angle, allowing you to comfortably use your computer while walking.
  3. Anti-Fatigue Mat: Place an anti-fatigue mat beneath the walking pad. This cushioned surface provides comfort and support for your feet during long walks and reduces the impact on your joints.
  4. Cable Management: Keep cords and cables organized to prevent tripping hazards. Secure them along the edge of your workspace or use cable clips to keep them out of your way.
  5. Safety First: Familiarise yourself with the walking pad's safety features. Most models include an emergency stop button and safety clips. Make sure you know how to use these features in case of an emergency.
  6. Lighting: Ensure adequate lighting in your workspace to prevent eyestrain and maintain safety. A well-lit area is essential for clear visibility while walking and working.
  7. Monitor Placement: If you have a monitor, consider mounting it on an adjustable arm or stand to maintain eye level while walking. This helps prevent neck strain.
  8. Posture Awareness: Pay attention to your posture while using the walking pad. Maintain an upright position, engage your core, and relax your shoulders to avoid strain.
  9. Trial Period: Start with shorter walking sessions to get accustomed to the new setup. Gradually increase the duration and pace as you become more comfortable.

By following these practical tips, you can create an active work environment that maximizes the benefits of your walking pad while ensuring comfort and safety in your home office.

Would a Walking Pad be Distracting?

A common concern about using a walking pad is whether it might be distracting during work hours. Rest assured, with the right approach, a walking pad can enhance your work experience rather than hinder it.

Noise Control: Many modern walking pads are designed with noise reduction technology, ensuring that the sound of your steps remains minimal. To further mitigate noise, place the walking pad on an anti-vibration mat or carpet, which can absorb sound effectively.

Distraction Management: Initially, it may take a bit of time to adapt to working while walking, but with practice, it becomes second nature. To ease into it, start with slower walking speeds and shorter sessions. Over time, you'll find that the rhythmic movement can enhance your focus and productivity rather than distracting you.

Physical Strain Prevention: To avoid physical strain, maintain proper posture and take short breaks when needed. Use the handrails (if available) for stability, especially when starting. Consider using an anti-fatigue mat for added comfort during long walks.

Incorporating a walking pad into your work routine is about finding the right balance. With patience and gradual adjustment, you can enjoy the benefits of increased physical activity while maintaining a productive work environment. It's a transformative addition to your workspace that can make your workday more enjoyable and health conscious.

Best Way to Get Started!

LSG Nimbus Walking Pad

The best way to embark on your walking pad journey is to adopt a gradual approach. Follow these steps to ease into a walking pad routine and make the most of this transformative addition to your workspace:

Step 1: Familiarise Yourself

Begin by getting acquainted with your walking pad. Familiarise yourself with its controls, safety features, and how to start and stop it safely.

Step 2: Start Slow

Start with short walking sessions of 10-15 minutes at a slow pace. This allows your body to adjust to the movement without overexertion.

Step 3: Maintain Proper Posture

Pay attention to your posture while walking. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and core engaged. This helps prevent strain and discomfort.

Step 4: Gradually Increase Duration

As you become more comfortable, gradually increase the duration of your walking sessions. Aim for 30-minute to 1-hour sessions, depending on your comfort level.

Step 5: Adjust Speed

Once you're acclimated to longer walks, experiment with different speeds. You can start slow and progressively increase the pace to find a comfortable walking speed for working.

Step 6: Take Breaks

Remember to take short breaks during your workday. Step off the walking pad and stretch or move around for a few minutes. This helps break up the walking sessions and keeps you feeling refreshed.

Step 7: Monitor Your Body

Listen to your body. If you experience discomfort or fatigue, reduce the duration or intensity of your walking sessions until you build more stamina.

Step 8: Consistency

Consistency is crucial for reaping the long-term benefits of a walking pad. Try to incorporate walking sessions into your daily routine, aiming for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week, as recommended by health guidelines.

By following this gradual approach, you can smoothly transition into a walking pad routine that complements your workday without overwhelming yourself. It's a journey toward a healthier, more active work-life balance.

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